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Figure 3-8:
The User
6. Assign the user’s role.
A role is a predefined set of permissions that allow users to perform
various tasks in Office Live. A person’s role also determines what they have
permission to see when they sign on to Office Live: You must assign each
user a role. You can’t modify the permissions for a role or create new roles.
Office Live has two roles:
Administrator: An administrator is a person who needs full control
over all aspects of your Web site. They have permission to view,
modify, add, and delete files, in addition to adding users and
assigning their roles. For example, your company’s Web administrator
would most likely fill an Administrator role on Office Live for your
Web site. When an administrator signs on to Office Live, they can
see all the information that’s necessary to manage your site.
Editor: An editor is a person who has permission to view, modify,
add, and delete files on your site but can’t add users or assign
roles. When editors sign on to Office Live, they have access to the
files on your site and Web Site tools.
7. Click Next to continue.
The Invite User page opens (see Figure 3-9).
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