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Figure 3-9:
person to
the Office
Live Web
8. Fill in the e-mail invitation and click the Send button.
This is really cool — at least it seems cool to me! Here’s where you get to
compose the e-mail to send to the new user. Office Live has already filled
in the e-mail address based on the one you added in Step 3. Office Live
even suggests a subject line, which you can change if you like. All you
need to do — if anything — is to fill in a word or two of explanation.
9. Wait for the Summary Web page to appear and then click the Finish
If all systems are go, you receive a congratulatory window summing up
the new user’s name, e-mail address, and role.
Adding a user to an Essentials
or Premium account
The procedures for adding a user to either an Office Live Basic or to an
Essentials or Premium account are fairly similar. However, you might want to
make note of these differences:
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