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New users automatically receive an Office Live e-mail account.
The entry screens are a little bit different.
These differences are pretty logical if you think about it. Theoretically, a
Basics account is geared towards a one person business, recreational group,
or organization that doesn’t have a need to share a lot of data. Typically, the
Basic user might already have an e-mail address — and might not even need
an e-mail address linked specifically to the organization.
Here’s the steps you’ll follow to set up a new Essentials or Premium user:
1. Click E-Mail from the Home page Navigation bar and then click the
Users & Accounts icon on the E-Mail page.
Not sure where to find Users & Accounts? You have two places to look —
it’s on the Navigation bar and also in the center of the E-mail page.
The Users & Accounts page opens, as shown in Figure 3-10. In addition
to showing a list of all your existing users, the Users & Accounts page
shows you the total number of e-mail address you’ve already used.
Figure 3-10:
The Users &
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