Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
2. Click the New Account icon on the Users & Accounts page.
The Create E-mail Account page opens (see Figure 3-11).
Figure 3-11:
The Create
3. Fill in the fields of the Create E-mail Account page:
User e-mail: The end part of the address is already filled in with
your Web site’s name.
Password and Confirmation Password: Hopefully the user won’t
lose the assigned password — but just in case, the next section of
this chapter shows you how to reset it if necessary.
Basic user contact information : Be prepared to supply the user’s
first and last name, zip code, state, country, and native language.
(As of this writing, English was the only available language.)
4. Click Next to continue.
After seeing a brief progress indicator, you land back at an empty Create
E-mail Account page. Fill in the information for the next user account you
want to create, or click Cancel to return to the Users & Accounts page.
Modifying User Accounts
One of the nice things about Office Live (from the administrator’s point of
view) is that it’s so easy to change user information should users either
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