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Chapter 4
Working with Basic E-Mail
In This Chapter
Adding e-mail accounts
Accessing your e-mail
Customizing your e-mail account
Creating an address book
Office Live accounts provide you with lots of e-mail accounts so you may
as well take advantage of them. After you set up those accounts, your
Office Live users can access their e-mail anywhere their travels take them —
as long as they have Internet connectivity. Office Live includes many of the
features you’d expect from an e-mail program, including the capability to sort
mail automatically and use a spam filter. There’s even an address book to
help keep track of all those burgeoning e-mail addresses.
Creating and Maintaining
E-Mail Accounts
If you are the subscriber to the Office Live account, you can create, modify,
and delete e-mail accounts. Office Live lets you set up lots of e-mail accounts
(25 for Basic accounts and 50 for Premium and Essentials accounts). You can
create e-mail accounts for your employees so that when they send e-mail to
customers, the address reflects your organization’s Web site. You can even
set up a few generic accounts such as info or service .
Once your e-mail is configured, you can access and manage it from any
Internetconnected computer, anywhere in the world. You can keep your messages for as
long as you’d like. You also have the same functionality associated with other
e-mail accounts you may have, including the ability to send file attachments.
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