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Figure 4-2:
Creating a
new e-mail
5. Complete all the fields.
Stop groaning! You only have a few pieces of pertinent information to enter:
User E-Mail Name: You only need to enter the first part of the e-mail
address because Office Live already provides the @ and the domain
name for you.
Password: Think of — and remember — a good password. Make it
at least six characters long, and remember: It’s CASE-SENSITIVE.
(Sorry to yell.)
Confirm Password: Because this is a very secretive operation, your
password appears as a series of dots just in case an evil spy is
lurking behind you. Type your password a second time to avoid
accidentally creating an unintentional password.
User Information: Setting up 25 to 50 e-mail accounts can get
confusing so adding a bit of information for the e-mail account user
helps you tell them apart.
6. Click Next to continue.
This might take a moment or two so you might want to examine your
fingernails or twiddle your thumbs while Office Live creates your new
e-mail account. Eventually the Summary screen of the Create New E-Mail
Account page opens (see Figure 4-3).
7. Read the fine print on the Summary screen.
The summary basically says the following:
• Jot down the new e-mail address and password.
• Scurry over to your Office Live Users & Accounts area to assign
additional access to your new e-mail user.
• The new user has to log in with his or her new e-mail address and
new password to access any new e-mail that might be coming in.
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