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Figure 4-3:
the fine
print after
creating a
new e-mail
8. (Optional) Click the View/Send Instructions button if you created this
account for another user.
A new window springs open with instructions that show the user how to
access the e-mail account. At this point, you have one of two options:
• Choose File
Print to print the instructions for the user.
• Type the user’s current e-mail address in the box and click Send to
send the person the instructions in an e-mail.
9. (Optional) Close the new user instructions page if you had it open.
10. Click Finish to finish setting up the e-mail account.
The original account that was created when you signed up for Office Live is
the only account with owner privileges. Any additional e-mail accounts that
you create for yourself or anyone else don’t have access to billing and
subscription information, or access to the advanced administrative features. You
can, however, allow them access to other areas of your Office Live site; flip
back to Chapter 3 for more details.
Deleting e-mail accounts
You can easily delete an e-mail account that you created for yourself or others.
However, you can’t delete the original e-mail address you used when you created
the Office Live account — unless you decide to unsubscribe from Office Live.
Deleting an e-mail account is easy if you follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Office Live with the owner e-mail address and password
that you used to subscribe to Office Live.
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