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2. Click Administration on the Office Live Home page Navigation bar.
This should seem like familiar territory — you followed the same set of
instructions when you created the e-mail account.
3. Click E-Mail Accounts on the Navigation bar.
The E-mail Accounts page opens.
4. Find the e-mail address of the account you want to delete and click
the Delete link.
A scary-looking Delete Account page opens, as shown in Figure 4-4. It
warns you that you will lose all the e-mail associated with the account —
and won’t be able to set up another e-mail account with the same name
for another 30 days.
Figure 4-4:
you get
when trying
to delete an
5. Click Delete and then click Close to close the Account Deleted page
that appears.
Resetting an e-mail password
As the administrator of the Office Live account you’ll probably need to reset
an e-mail password for a variety of reasons:
You had a change in personnel and one of your generic e-mail accounts
is now being accessed by someone else.
You found out that a user has shared his or her password with an army
of “closest friends.”
The user of the e-mail account forgot the password.
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