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5. Type the new password in both the Type New Password For and
Confirm Password text boxes.
You probably know the drill by now, but here it is again — as you type
your password, all you see is a dot for each character you type. You need
to confirm your password just in case you typed in an incorrect character.
6. Click OK to reset the password.
7. Click Close to close the Reset Account Password Confirmation page.
Using Your E-Mail Account
After the main Office Live subscriber has set up an e-mail account for you,
you’re probably chomping at the bit to use it. You’re excited by the knowledge
that you can access your e-mail no matter where your travels take you — as
long as you have Internet connectivity. So what’s your next step? I’m glad you
asked — because this section is designed to help you with just that.
Logging into Office Live for the first time
After the main subscriber creates a new e-mail account for you, all kinds of
exciting things start to happen. First of all, you’ll receive a welcoming e-mail,
which gives you the blow-by-blow account of what it takes to access Office Live.
One thing that is missing from the introductory e-mail, however, is your
password; after all, this is top-secret stuff and you wouldn’t want it to land in the
hands of the wrong person. You’ll need to ask the Office Live subscriber for
that information; hopefully he or she has jotted it down somewhere and/or
committed it to memory. If not, hand this topic to that person and mention
that the previous section explains how to reset a password.
The first time you log into Office Live you’ll have to do a bit of extra work:
1. Log in to Office Live.
Because this is your first time logging in, you’ll have to change your
password. Guess this extra ounce of prevention is just in case the Office
Live subscriber jotted down your password and posted it somewhere
for all the world to see.
The Change Password Reset Information page (shown in Figure 4-6)
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