Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 4-6:
Office Live’s
prompt to
change your
the first time
you log in.
2. Fill in a few critical pieces of information.
Office Live asks you to supply three pertinent pieces of information:
• Your new password.
• A secret question and its secret answer (you just have to love all
this counterespionage activity).
• An alternate e-mail address just in case you need to reset your
password because you can’t access this e-mail account.
3. Click the Submit button.
Just when you think it’s safe to start using Office Live, the Office Live
Terms of Use page opens.
4. Check the I agree to the Microsoft Office Live Service agreement and
Privacy statement check box, and then click the I Accept button to
return to the Home page.
Smile, happy in the thought that you’ll never have to do all of that again!
Logging in to Office Live
e-mail for the first time
The very first time you do something can be kind of scary. After all, you don’t
know what to expect and you haven’t learned the ropes yet. Not to worry.
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