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Figure 4-8:
your Office
Live Mail
Reading your Office Live mail
After you successfully log in to Office Live for the first time, you’ll want to
check to see if you have received any new e-mail. To do this, start once again
at the Office Live home page and follow these steps:
1. Click E-Mail on the Navigation bar or click Inbox from the E-Mail
section of the Office Live Home page.
All roads lead to Rome — or in this case the Office Live Mail Today page,
which now opens. The Today window gives you a synopsis of how much
e-mail space you’ve used, and shows you any contacts you’ve recently
2. Click Inbox on the folder list of the Office Live Mail Today window.
The Office Live Mail page opens, as shown in Figure 4-9. The Office Live
Mail page consists of three columns: the folder list, the message list, and
the Preview pane. Your messages appear in the message list column.
If you’d like to change the width of one of the mail columns, place your
cursor on the vertical line separating the columns until your cursor
transforms into a double-pointing horizontal arrow. Hold down your left
mouse button and drag the column border to the left or right to resize
the column.
3. (Optional) Sort your messages by clicking the Sort By drop-down
arrow and choose Date, From, Subject, or Size.
4. Click one of the messages to select it.
The contents of the message now appear in the Preview pane.
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