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Figure 4-9:
The Office
Live Mail
5. (Optional) Select an e-mail option from the Office Live Mail toolbar:
New : Create a new message, folder, contact, or group of contacts.
Reply : Allows you to send a response to the e-mail sender.
Reply all : Allows you to send a response to everyone who received
the e-mail in addition to the sender.
Forward : Forwards the e-mail on to a new recipient.
Delete: Deletes the currently selected message.
Junk : Labels the e-mail as junk mail and sends it to the Junk folder.
Print: Prints the currently selected message.
Up or Down Pointing Arrows: Allows you to view the Next or
Previous Message.
Move to: Allows you to move the message to another folder.
Check Mail: Refreshes the Office Live Mail window to check for any
new mail messages that you might have received.
You can select several messages by clicking their check boxes — or (if
you’d like to delete a bunch of messages at the same time) click the
check box to the left of the Sort by Date button to select all messages.
6. Click Reply or Forward if you’d like to reply or forward a message.
The Reply or Forward window opens, as shown in Figure 4-10. If you’re
replying to a message you only have to type the body of your message
and click Send. If you’re forwarding a message, type the recipient’s
e-mail address in the To address field, type you message, and then
click Send.
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