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Figure 4-10:
Replying to
a message.
Sending Office Live mail
When you’ve mastered the art of reading your mail, you’ll probably want to
start sending some. If you’ve used other programs to send e-mail you’ll find
that Office Live has all the bells and whistles you’d normally associate with
sending e-mail.
Follow these steps to create a brand, spanking-new e-mail message:
1. Click Inbox in the E-Mail section of the Office Live Home page.
The Office Live Mail page opens.
2. Click New on the toolbar at the top of the Office Live Mail page.
A New Message page opens; see Figure 4-11.
3. In the To line, type the e-mail address of the person you want to send
the message to.
If you have already added contacts to Office Live, you can click the book
icon to the left of the To line to reveal a list of your contacts. Feel free to
click one of the contact names — and watch the e-mail address
magically fill in for you in the To line.
4. (Optional) Click the Show Cc and Bcc button to reveal the Cc and
Bcc lines.
If you’re sending an e-mail to multiple other recipients this is where
you’ll want to put their addresses.
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