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Figure 4-11:
Sending an
Office Live
5. In the Subject line, type a brief description of the message.
6. Type your message in the main message box, and then click Send.
If you have an artistic streak, you can format the message in a number of
ways. The New Message icon bar helps you change the font, its size, its
color, and other attributes including bolding, italicizing, and underlining.
You can number or bullet a list of items, and even add an “emoticon” if
you’d like.
Faster than a speeding bullet your e-mail message hurtles through
cyberspace and lands in the recipient’s Inbox.
Organizing Your E-Mail
After you start using your Office Live Main account, it’s likely your Inbox will
soon fill to the brim with e-mail. If you are an eager beaver, you can respond
to each message as it arrives. However, many of you might need a little bit of
extra help to keep all that mail organized.
Office Live Mail includes most of the same features that are in more
sophisticated e-mail clients. You can divide your Inbox and Sent messages folders
into smaller, more manageable parts. After you create the folders, you can
have your messages sent to one of them automatically. Or, should the
message be spam, Office Live Mail can send the offending e-mail packing.
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