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Creating new folders
By default, Office Live Mail comes with five folders: Inbox, Junk E-Mail, Drafts,
Sent Messages, and Deleted Items. You can create as many new folders as you
like. These folders represent the major parts of your life such as Personal and
Business .
Here’s how you set up additional folders:
1. Click Inbox in the E-Mail section of the Office Live Home page.
The Office Live Mail page opens.
2. Click the New drop-down arrow on the toolbar at the top of the Office
Live Mail page and select Folder.
A new folder appears at the bottom of your folder list with the
appropriate name New Folder.
3. Fill in the name of the new folder.
The new folder appears alphabetically under the Deleted Items folder.
After you create a folder, you can rename or delete it at any time. Simply
right-click the folder you want to delete or rename and then click Rename
Folder or Delete Folder.
All the folders you create are top-level folders — you cannot create
subfolders within another folder. Because the folders appear alphabetically you
might take that into consideration when naming your folders. For example, if
you want to set up ten separate folders (one for each client) you might name
them Client 1 and Client 2 so all your client folders appear together.
Moving mail automatically
For most of you, any time someone volunteers to do some of your work for
you is a good thing. Office Live Mail might just become your new best friend
because it sorts your mail according to your specifications. For example, you
might want all the correspondence that comes in from
to move automatically to the Client — My Company folder or mail with that
includes the word contract to move to the VIP folder.
After you set up some new e-mail folders, here’s how you can have Office Live
Mail sort your incoming e-mail for you automatically:
1. Click Inbox in the E-Mail section of the Office Live Home page.
The Office Live Mail page opens.
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