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2. Click Options in the toolbar.
The Options menu expands to show you lots of e-mail options.
3. Click More Options.
The Options page opens.
4. Click the Automatically Sort Email into Folders link in the Customize
Your E-Mail section of the Options page.
The Automatically Sort E-Mail into Folders page opens. (Before you start
grousing about all the steps you have taken to arrive at this point,
remember that this will save you lots of time in the long run!)
5. Click New Filter.
The Edit Filter page opens; see Figure 4-12. You’ll notice that any new
folders that you have created are listed there.
6. In Step 1: Which Messages Are You Looking For?, specify where the
e-mail is coming from, the matching criterion you want Office Live
Mail to use, and the person’s name or e-mail address information.
7. In Step 2: Where Do You Want to Put These Messages?, select the
folder that you’d like the incoming e-mail to move to.
You can even select the New Folder option and indicate the name of the
new folder you’d like Office Live to create for you. Or, if you prefer, you
can select the Delete These Messages option to have Office Live Mail
delete messages coming in from your enemies and/or ex-spouse!
Figure 4-12:
Creating a
filter to
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