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5. Select the level of security, when you’d like to see the spam deleted, and
what kind of confirmation you’d like to receive when the deed is done.
If you specify the Low level of filtering, Office Live filters only the most
flagrant messages. If you set the level to Exclusive, you receive only e-mail
from people you have approved in advance. By default, the level is set to
Because no junk e-mail system is perfect, you’ll probably want to leave the
Delete Junk E-Mail option set to Later rather than to Immediately. Should
the junk e-mail system erroneously mark something as junk you won’t
have a chance to retrieve it if you have the option set to Immediately.
6. Click Save to save your changes.
You land back in the Options page.
7. (Optional) Click Allowed and Blocked Senders.
The Allowed and Blocked Senders page opens. Here’s where you can
create lists for both the allowed senders (those people you want to make
sure are allowed past your spam filter) and your blocked senders (those
people from whom you never want to receive e-mail). You can even
indicate any mailing lists that you have signed up for to ensure that you get
their monthly newsletters.
Remember to check your Junk E-Mail folder every time you check your mail
to make sure that important mail has not landed there by accident. If you find
a message in this folder that is not spam, click the message and then click
Allow Sender from the toolbar.
Working with Basic E-Mail Contacts
Office Live comes equipped with a basic address book. You can use the
address book alone, or use it in conjunction with your e-mail.
The Essentials and Premium Office Live accounts come with Business Contact
Manager, which you might think of as the basic e-mail address book on steroids.
You can read all the details about Business Contact Manager in Chapter 8.
Making contacts
You can add people by going directly to the address book and filling in their
information. Alternatively, you can add new contacts when you are sending
or receiving e-mail. You can even import contacts from a file if you have one.
After you enter your contacts in the address book, you can type their names
in the To box when composing an e-mail message, or select their names in
the contact list, in order to send an e-mail.
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