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Chapter 5
Everyone Needs a Web Site
In This Chapter
Boosting your business with a Web site
Checking off things to include on your site
Working with the templates
Using the Document Gallery
Chapter 3 shows you how to choose a name and register a Web site. This
chapter shows you how to get your Web site up and running. You’ll want
to think a bit about the purpose of your Web site, and then design it
accordingly. You can start by using the numerous Web site templates that come with
Office Live — or import an existing Web site if you have one. Add a few
graphics and you’re ready to go — unless, of course, you decide to tweak it a bit.
In order to work on your Web site, you must have the proper permissions.
The person who subscribed to Office Live is by default an administrator and
can work on the site. In addition, any other users with Editor or Administrator
permissions can also work on the site. If you don’t have those access levels,
you might skip this chapter — or pass this topic on to the person who does.
(Better yet, make him or her buy an “administrator’s” copy!)
So Why Do You Need a Web Site?
If your business has flourished in spite of not having a Web site, you’re
probably wondering why you need one — or why you should take the time to
develop one. Those of you who already have a Web site might not have seen
any noticeable increase in your business. That’s exactly where Office Live
comes into play.
Office Live offers you a free and easy way to create a Web site. If that alone
doesn’t convince you to create one, there are plenty of other reasons why
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