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small businesses today should have a Web presence. Keep these benefits in
mind as you start to design your Web site:
Keep your name in front of prospects: More and more people are using
the Internet to research products and services; phone book and
newspaper advertising are becoming a thing of the past. If you don’t keep up
with technology you’ll soon be left behind.
Expand your territory: A Web site represents a great way for you to
expand the territory that you can cover. Unlike a newspaper or yellow
page ad that only reaches a limited geographical area, the Internet is
global. If you’re selling products you no longer have to sell just from one
location, you might even be able to eliminate the need for a storefront.
Consider if your business can offer services remotely as well as locally.
Provide 24/7 customer service: A Web site can be as much about
customer service as it is about selling products and services. Prospects and
customers should be able to access your Web site and find the
information they want — whenever they want it. You can add pictures of your
products, pricelists, and any pertinent information you want.
Keep up with the competition: Chances are good that most — if not all —
of your competitors have a Web site. A good Web site can help level the
playing field for smaller companies as they try to compete against larger
companies. You might even check out the Web sites of your competitors
to get an idea of what types of information their sites include.
Credibility: First impressions are important and for some of your
prospects your Web site will be their first introduction to your company.
Having a professional-looking Web site gives your company a
professional image — even if you are working out of a back bedroom!
Getting Your Site Up and
Running in a Jiffy
Before Office Live, creating a Web site entailed a lot of time, effort, and money.
You’d have to research and hire a Web designer, register a URL, figure out
how to have the site hosted, and pay someone to keep your site updated. If
all that seems a bit much, here’s good news: Office Live has removed all
those barriers that might have kept you from having a Web site. Chapter 3
shows how easily you can register a Web site with Office Live. In addition,
Office Live includes over a hundred predesigned Web site templates; these
templates are geared towards small business owners and managers who are
either technically challenged, artistically challenged — or both! And there’s
more — after you choose a template, easy-to-understand tools help you
modify your site.
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