Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Contact Us: This is a good place to list your contact information.
Site Map: Having a site map page will ensure that the visitors to
your site will be able to find their way around your site quickly and
3. Click the Site Designer icon.
The Site Designer opens, as shown in Figure 5-2. The Site Designer
toolbar is where you find the tools you need to make site-wide design
4. Click one of the Site Designer icons on the toolbar, fill in the desired
information, and then click OK.
Here’s where the fun and games begin because you can choose the basic
look and feel of your Web site. You can choose any and all of the
elements that appear on the Site Designer toolbar. Experiment with the
different look each gives your site.
Header: This is where you can add the name of your company, a
slogan if you have one and indicate whether or not you want a
Search box to appear on your Web site. Figure 5-3 shows the
Customize Header page.
Figure 5-2:
The Site
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