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Figure 5-3:
a header
for your
Web site.
Footer: Add any disclaimer information that you want to appear on
the bottom of each page of your site. You can also add links to
other sites if you’d like. Figure 5-4 shows the Customize Your
Footer page.
Logo: You can add a graphic to your Web site by clicking the
Upload Pictures icon in the Change Your Logo page, navigating to
the graphic you’d like to include on your site, and then clicking OK.
Theme: If you are artistically challenged, you’re going to love
choosing a theme for your Web site! Click the Theme button and a list
appears. Office Live comes with over twenty theme industries; each
industry has six suggested Web-site designs that include graphics
and layout designs. Start by choosing a basic Web site template.
This is not an earth-shattering decision; you can easily change it at
a later date if you decide you’d like to convey a different image.
Changing one option may change some of the other options as
well. For example, if you select a different theme you may find that
the header style is no longer the one you had previously selected.
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