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Figure 5-4:
a footer
to your
Web site.
Style: Click the Style button and select a header style. Choosing a
style allows you to select a slightly different header designer than
the one that appeared with the theme you chose. Click the
different styles to see how each one looks; the changes you make are
dynamic so that you can see immediately what they look like.
Navigation: This option allows you to place the navigation buttons
(the links to the other pages of your Web site) at either the top or
left side of your Web site.
Color: True to its word, the Color button allows you to change the
color scheme of your Web site simply by clicking one of the color
Font: Here’s where you get to pick the default font for your Web site.
Don’t be surprised when you only see a handful of choices. Although
you may have lots of fonts on your computer, it’s better to stick to
the Web-compatible fonts — which is exactly what Office Live does.
5. Click the Save icon when you are finished making changes to your
Web site design.
An asterisk appears after the page name in the Site Designer title bar in
the upper-right of the window. This indicates that the page you are
working on has unsaved changes. Remember to save your changes and make
the asterisk disappear!
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