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Figure 5-5:
changes to
Web site
content in
the Page
Office Live’s Page Editor is a very easy way of creating your Web site.
Many Web designers rely on HTML to design sites. You might be
wondering about the font size which seems kind of tiny. That’s because Office
Live is displaying HTML font sizes; click the Font drop-down arrow and
you’ll see the more common equivalent to the traditional HTML sizing.
5. Click the Save icon when you are finished making all your editing
6. Close the Office Live Page Editor by clicking the red X in the top-right
corner of the window.
You can go back and edit the rest of the pages of your Web site by
clicking one of the navigation links on the left side of your Web site.
All work and no play makes you, well, cranky. To ease the strain of all of the
hard work that is going into your Web site you might want to sit back for a
minute and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Click the View icon to see your
Web site exactly as your visitors will see it.
Doing a Bit of Web Site Redecoration
It’s always good to start with a basic Web site and then expand it as the need
arises. After you have your basic design down, and you’ve added your basic
contact and product information, you’re ready to start expanding your
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