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For the View , Update , and Delete settings we can set the following permissions:
Allow all —Grants the appropriate permission to the user.
Ignore all —Denies the appropriate permission to the user, but can be
overridden by other allow permissions.
Deny all —Denies the appropriate permission to the user.
The drop-down list at the top of each group can be used to set all of the permissions
below it to the same setting.
Now that we know how Drupal's users, roles, and access permission features work,
we can create our customer groups, and look into customer-related settings that may
be of use to us, as well as some basic customer management.
Customer Roles
Doug wants a couple of different roles for his customers:
All customers
Support plan customers
The general roles won't provide any real extra features, but will be used to classify
customers. However, customers can purchase a special support plan, which provides
them access to additional areas of the site.
The support plan customer role will allow users to see a number of extra pages and
features, which other users will not be able to see. This is a support resource that
Doug wants to provide to customers:
Support section—Provides generic support information.
Support contact—Provides special contact information for
support plans.
Support forums
Home maintenance guides—Contains information on user
serviceable items.
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