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Reminder: Forcing Customers to be Users
For the non-support plan products we only want to assign the customer role;
however, for the support plan products we want to add both the customer role and
the support customers role, and also set it to remove the support customer role once
the product expires.
Reminder: Forcing Customers to be Users
If you remember from Chapter 4— Creating Your Product Catalog , one of the options
for the product listings is the Anonymous purchasing policy . This policy defines
who can purchase the product.
There are three options for the policy:
Registered only Before this product can be checked out all customers must
either register or log in.
Flexible —Customers can choose to register or log in, but they can also check
out anonymously.
Anonymous only —This won't give customers the option of registering
during the checkout process, but they will be given the option of logging in
or making the purchase anonymously.
If we wanted to ensure all our customers are registered users, we would set this to be
Registered only to disable anonymous purchases.
This option can also be set globally, as opposed to for each individual product; it can
be found under the Store section of E-Commerce configuration within the
Administer area.
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