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Customer Management
Customer Management
There are no built-in customer management features as such; however, we can
manage our user accounts. There are some customer management features we can
enable including the E-CiviCRM module and the Address module; the first allows
integration with CiviCRM a third-party customer relationship manager, which we
will look at in more detail in Chapter 11— Invoices and CRM . The Address module
enables an address book for users, which we can use to take shipping and billing
addresses when the user checks out.
We will also discuss the Address module later, in Chapters 8 and 9 —Creating a Better
Selling Experience and Taxes, Payment, and Shipping .
The Users section of User management does have some features that are useful
when related to customer management. Firstly, we can filter our list of users by role ,
so we could see only customers , or support customers .
The user list shows us some basic information on the users, including:
Their Username
Their Status , which indicates if they are blocked or unblocked
Roles assigned to them (currently all customers, and any support customers
would be listed, as we set to make all customers part of the customer role,
with the support customers being an additional role for some of them)
The length of time they have been a Member for and the time they last
logged in (i.e. their Last access time)
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