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User Order History
The edit link allows us to edit all of the user's settings. The check box is linked to a
drop-down box of user Update options that we can perform, including adding or
removing roles, blocking, unblocking, and deleting the selected accounts.
With regards to customers, we can use this to update users to customer status if an
existing customer creates a user account and wishes to have customer access to the
Obviously this can be done automatically with the e-Commerce Roles module, but
here we have used it to assign the role to a user who just registered for the site, but
was already a customer before that, so their user account now reflects their status as
a customer.
User Order History
We can search transactions for a number of different criteria, including username.
The Search option is in the Administer section under E-Commerce .
In the Search page, we need to select the Advanced search option and enter the
username we want to search for. I'm going to try searching for Michael .
The list of transactions related to that user is then displayed:
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