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Contacting a User
The information contained in the table is explained by the headings in the table;
however, the meaning of workflow requires a little explanation.
The workflow is how far through the order process the transaction is; if we click the
workflow we then have options to perform some other operations including printing
invoices and canceling the transactions.
Contacting a User
When we click on a username in our site, in places such as the user management
areas, we see the user’s profile, and have options for editing the contact and
contacting them.
The Contact section brings up a Contact form as we have installed the Contact form
module in an earlier chapter. Here we enter a subject, a message, and can opt to have
a copy of the email sent to ourselves.
If you remember, at the start of the chapter, Doug wanted his staff members to be
able to use the website, and help him out with things like adding and managing
products and helping with some other tasks such as processing orders. Now that we
have looked into users, roles, and permissions and we have created our customers, it
is time to look into creating user accounts for our staff members.
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