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Chapter 6: Branding Your Site
Branding Your Site
Doug is really happy with how his website and store are coming along; his product
catalog is online and he has set up customer and staff users on the site; his only
complaint so far is how the website looks. He likes the default design, but does not
think it is appropriate for his site or his store; he wants something more tailored to
his business. In this chapter, we will learn:
What themes are and which ones are the default Drupal themes
How to install themes
How to manage themes
How to customize the default theme
How to create themes
Ideally, Doug wants a custom design for his site, but there is no harm in having a
look at some of the other ones available in case they are more suitable for him.
Within Drupal a theme is a collection of images, templates, and style sheets that can
make up the design of our Drupal installation. Different themes provide a different
type of look and feel to the site. A number of different themes come
pre-installed with Drupal, so let's look at those.
Before we can look at the different themes, we need to enable them so that we can
change our theme in our user settings. To enable these themes we need to go to the
Themes section of Drupal's Administer area.
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