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Installing and Managing Themes
Doug is really pleased with these changes, and thinks it is a massive improvement
on the default theme; however, he still wants to have a look at having a new theme
created for his site. The customized site really impressed him though, so he may stick
with it.
Installing and Managing Themes
In addition to the themes that come with Drupal we can also download new themes
and install them in our site. Let's take a look at some of these themes that we can
download and install. We will also look into managing these themes and deleting
unnecessary themes.
Installing Themes
We can download themes from the themes section on the Drupal website, .
After a brief look through the directory of themes, Doug found one that he quite
liked and wanted to try out. The theme that he likes is Barron , so let's download it
for him and install it to see what it is like.
The version we want to download is the 5.x-1.4 version since we are using one of the
5.x versions of Drupal.
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