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Creating a Theme
To actually delete a theme, we just need to delete its folder from the themes directory
in our website.
Creating a Theme
A comprehensive guide to themes and theme development can be found on the
Drupal website at . Themes generally consist of
three layers:
A PHP template engine
An xHTML template
Styles in the form of CSS
It is recommended to start creating our theme from an existing Drupal theme; the
themes that are recommended to use are Zen or Bluebreeze. The theme that we
are going to create is only a simple one-page theme, which will use default styling
provided by each module.
Drupal 5 Themes by Ric Shreves , ISBN 978-1-84719-182-3 published by
Packt Publishing , it is a book published specifically for creating themes
with Drupal 5; you may wish to try this topic if you wish to create more
detailed, and complex themes. (See
drupal-5-themes/book . )
Personally, I find it easier to create a webpage template as a working HTML file and
then move this across to the theme's template files. Below is the template we have for
Doug's Dinos, which we need to turn into a theme:
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