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What's Missing?
What's Missing?
If you went through that process you might have noticed there were a few things
missing, which prevent us from taking orders and payments:
Our address was not taken.
Our payment method and payment details were not taken.
We need to correct these problems so we can start to take payments!
Taking Addresses
In order to take addresses from customers during Checkout we need to enable the
Address sub-module from the E-Commerce Customer Interface module, so let's
enable that now:
We are now able to take our customers’ addresses (as we will see in a moment!).
Taking Payments
The reason we are not able to take payments is because we don't have a payment
gateway installed. As we are going to look into payments in more detail in
Chapter 9— Taxes, Payment, and Shipping , let's just look into the simplest payment
gateway, which is called Cash on Delivery (COD) . This module can be used for
transactions where the customer pays with cash or posts a cheque or pays with
credit-card details over the phone. If we use this for telephone payments, we would
need some form of payment processor where we can manually edit credit card
information, such as PayPal's Virtual Terminal, so we can enter the details while the
customer is on the phone.
Once this is installed we can officially start taking orders and payments! Let's give it
a try!
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