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Price Formatting
Price Formatting
Within E-Commerce configuration is the Payment section, which allows us to alter
the format of prices as well as the currency used.
Although Doug's business is based in the UK, he is hoping to take a large number of
orders for models from the US, and so wants us to leave the formatting unchanged
and the currency as USD.
Payment Methods
The payment methods can be customized with the various payment gateway
modules that can be installed; however, we will cover this in more detail in Chapter
Creating a Better Selling Experience , so let's leave it for now. 8—
How the Payment Method Works
Within the C.O.D . section of the E-Commerce configuration section we have a
number of configuration options for the payment method. There are:
The title—We can see this as the name of the payment method when placing
an order. As this payment method is generic we should consider renaming it
to something like cheque payment or telephone payment .
Thank You Page—We should also consider creating a thanks page for the
user after the payment procedure.
Marking the order once the payment has been made—In this case we don't,
as the only way for it to be marked as paid is by an administrator.
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