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Global Anonymous Purchase Policy
The Recurring product reminder emails are not used by our current setup so they
can be deleted; the other emails can be viewed and edited. For now, Doug is quite
happy with the default emails, so we will leave them as they are.
Global Anonymous Purchase Policy
We looked into anonymous purchase policies in Chapter 4— Creating Your Product
Catalog when we implemented our product catalog. In addition to the per product
settings, we can also set this globally to one of:
Registered only —Customers must log in or register to check out
Flexible —Customers can register or log in or check out anonymously
Anonymous only —Customers can log in or purchase anonymously but the
option to register is never given.
Doug likes the flexibility that comes with having a flexible purchase policy, as we
discussed in Chapter 4— Creating Your Product Catalog , so let's leave it as it is.
Administrator Notifications
When orders are placed we can opt for the administrator to be emailed a summary
of the order, this is particularly useful when manually processing orders, and these
orders are infrequent so you may not need to visit the website on a daily basis.
This setting is found in E-Commerce configuration under Store .
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