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Order History Overview Text
Doug wants this feature enabled so he does not need to keep checking the system for
new orders, so let's enable it for him.
This setting depends on having set up a cron job to periodically call the
cron.php file; this allows emails to be sent in groups periodically. For
more information on setting up cron jobs, you should contact your web
host. Typically it involves a crontab setting in your hosting control panel
such as cPanel.
Order History Overview Text
Also in the Store area of E-Commerce configuration is the order history overview
text; although it is not technically part of the checkout process, it relates to customer
service and previous orders.
Doug wants to use this area to thank customers for their previous orders, and make
them feel welcome to contact him whenever they need to, regarding anything about
their purchases with his store.
This makes the order history page look quite friendly, as illustrated below:
How Products are Added to the Cart
There are two options for users adding products to the shopping cart:
Users can click a link, which adds the product to their cart.
Users can enter the quantity of the product and then click the add to
cart button.
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