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Continuing Shopping after Adding a Product to the Cart
These settings can also be found in the Store section of E-Commerce configuration .
This form is quite useful as it encourages the user to order more than one of the
product, whereas with the link a user must physically add the product to the cart
multiple times, which can be inconvenient. Doug likes the idea of the form, so let's
uncheck the box and save the settings.
We now have a small form at the bottom of each product page:
Continuing Shopping after Adding a Product
to the Cart
When products are added to the cart we can either:
Take the user back to the product listing
Take the user to their shopping cart
This setting is from the Store within E-Commerce configuration .
This setting and the setting we looked at just before work well when they are
oppositely set, so if the first box is unchecked this one works best if it is checked,
something which Doug agrees with, so let's check this box and save our settings!
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