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Processing Orders
Processing Orders
So far in this chapter we have looked at how to set up our site to take orders, how to
place orders, and how to customize the checkout process. Now let's have a look at
actually processing the orders placed through the website.
Order Overview
In the Administer area, if we select the E-Commerce section from the menu, the
page we are presented with contains an overview of order statistics including some
monthly figures.
The Orders overview groups all of the orders in the system by their current
payment status.
Each of the payment statuses in the overview is linked to a filtered listing of orders
that have that specific status of payment.
Also on this overview page we have some monthly figures, which indicate how many
orders we have had this month as well as how much we have taken in this month.
Since Doug's site have not yet taken any payments (we don't have payments
properly set up yet) the monthly figures are currently zero.
Transaction List
From the E-Commerce menu, the Transactions page lists all of the transactions
stored within the system.
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