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Payment Statuses
Order shipped
Awaiting customer response
Security violation
If we click on the workflow status of a particular transaction, we are presented with a
number of operations including:
If we notify the customer that the order has been shipped (we can't do this yet, as we
have not configured shipping options!) the workflow changes to shipped , if we need
to send the customer an email (such as: W e noticed you ordered a care package
for your model dinosaur, but you have not purchased a model, do you want to
continue with your order?) the status changes to awaiting customer response . Once
payment is received by the payment gateway the status changes to Completed , and
if we cancel the order it is marked as Cancelled .
Payment Statuses
A payment can have any of the following statuses:
Payment received
Currently, because of our payment gateway we have to manually edit the transaction
to change the payment status; however, we will look into this in more detail when
we look into the Payment API in detail!
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