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Current Limitations with Our Store
Current Limitations with Our Store
Although we looked into taking orders and payments, we have the
following limitations:
Workflow is limited due to shipping and payment issues
Payment status does not update
The whole process is very manual
When we look into Chapter 9— Taxes, Shipping, and Payments , we will correct these
issues and make massive improvements on our current store.
In this chapter, we have learned:
How the order process works
How to customize this order process
How to place an order
How to manage and process orders
Although we did not look into payment options in great detail, and are quite limited
in that respect at the moment, we can at least use our store to receive orders and
manually accept payments and update the orders accordingly. Now let's move on
to creating a better selling experience before moving on to mentioned the topics
covered in this chapter in greater detail.
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