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Adding a Shopping Cart
Adding a Shopping Cart
We can add a shopping cart to our theme so that customers can continue browsing
the website but still know how much is in their shopping cart, and easily get to
it later.
To add this block, we need to go to the Blocks section, which is under Site Building
within the Administer area. Within the Blocks section, we need to ensure we have
all our themes selected (or do this for each theme we are using) and then change the
Region of the Shopping cart to the left sidebar .
Once we click on the Save blocks button, the shopping cart block is displayed in
our theme:
Adding Search Capabilities
Doug tested the website with a few friends and family members, and their main
issue with it was the difficulty in finding products they wanted.
The first thing we need to do is install the Search module, which is grouped under
the Core - optional section of Modules in the Administer area.
With the module installed, we now need to enable the Search feature from the
Blocks section; otherwise the search box won't be displayed on the website. We can
select this feature by going to Administer | Site Building | Blocks , then set it up in
the same way as for the shopping cart and save the settings.
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