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Adding a Shopping Cart
We now have a search box on our website under the header but above the
main menu!
Let's try searching for one of our products, for instance T-Rex. Notice something?
No results found! This seems quite strange as we have a product with T-Rex in the
name, so why didn't we get any results?
The reason for this is that Drupal has not yet been indexed. Drupal uses a cron job to
create the index of the site. Without the indexing done Search options cannot work.
The Search settings under Administer | Site configuration allow us to specify how
many pages are indexed per "cron run" and allow us to set the site to be re-indexed.
Cron Jobs
A cron job is a setting on your web host's server (if you have cPanel
hosting, it is available under "crontab") that performs tasks at specific
times. Drupal has a special page that performs various tasks; this can be
called by a cron job so that it regularly opens the page and runs the tasks.
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