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Auto-Creating User Accounts
This setting depends on having set up a cron job to periodically call the
cron.php file. For more information on setting up cron jobs, you should
contact your web host. Typically it involves a crontab setting in your
hosting control panel such as cPanel.
We can manually run the cron task, by opening the cron.php file in our web
browser. In this case we just open: .
Once we have opened this page, let's try searching for T-Rex again. This time we will
get some results!
Customers will now be able to find products and other content on Doug's website
much more easily!
Auto-Creating User Accounts
If a customer is not a user on our site, we can automatically create a user account
for them once they have placed their order; this saves the inconvenience of using an
anonymous purchase policy where the user has to log in or register, but it gives the
user the added convenience of having their details saved for future orders.
This is something Doug wants to enable to make things easier for regular customers
on this site. The first thing we need to do is install the module. The module is called
EC Useracc and is listed in the E-Commerce Uncategorized group of modules.
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