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Adding Images to Products
Now under E-Commerce configuration we have a new option called User Account ;
let's take a look at it. This has the following settings:
Confirmation e-mail
Welcome mail
Days to confirm expiry
The Confirmation e-mail is to see if the customer wants to create a user account; this
email expires after the number of days set in the Days to confirmation expiry setting
has passed, and the Welcome mail is the email sent when the account is created.
These emails can be configured on the Mail page.
These settings don't actually enable the feature though; we have installed the module
and looked at the global settings, but to actually get it to work we need to set how
we would like each product to work in relation to this module. If we go to edit any
product, there is a new section, which was not there previously, called User account
provision ; this is what we need to change.
As Doug wants this feature enabled, we need to check the option Create an account
for the user when this product is purchased . The other option, Block the user's
account when this product expires , relates to using recurring billing in products
(mainly non-tangible products i.e. services) such as a customer support contract or a
magazine subscription.
Adding Images to Products
Doug is not happy with the products on his website as they don't have any pictures
next to them, so he wants to upload some for his customers to know what they
are buying.
There are quite a number of different methods for adding images and other related
files to products and content types. First, let's have a look at the methods available:
A built-in upload module
Listed as an attachment
Embedded into the description
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