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Built-in Upload Module
A third-party image module
Embedded into the description
As a product
Both these modules have their own merits and uses; the upload module can be used
to upload files that are attached to a content element such as a product or a page.
Attachments can be directly linked to or listed with the content.
CCK Module
Drupal's Content Construction Kit module along with Imageield and
Imagecache modules can provide a richer product view and improve a
product's feature. If you are feeling adventurous you may wish to give
them a try after looking at the options in this topic!
A third-party image module can be used for uploading an image as a file in its own
right; we can then embed this image into content (primitively using links and HTML
tags) or we can edit the image to become a new content element, such as a page or
a product and then turn it into the product we want. If we use this method then the
image is automatically displayed in the product listing.
Built-in Upload Module
To enable this we need to install the Upload module, and then we can edit the
product and upload the images.
This module is not just for use in the e-Commerce section; we can use it for pages
and other types of content to add images to the site.
Let's edit a product and also add a picture of that product. In the edit screen, we have
a new section called File attachments ; this is what we use to upload the pictures to
the product. To try it out I'm just going to use the company’s logo as the picture.
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