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List as Attachment
List as Attachment
To list the image as an attachment on the product page we need to leave the list box
checked (as shown in the previous image) and then save the product. Now when we
view the product we have a list of attachments at the bottom of the page.
This is particularly useful for attaching files such as PDF fact sheets about the
product in question.
Embed Image into Description
For images, having a list of attachments isn't very good, so let's embed the image into
the product description using HTML.
If we go back to Edit the product, and scroll down to the attachments, the URL of
the image is shown; we need to make a note of this:
drupal-5.7/files/garland_logo_0.png .
To use this image, we would add the following HTML in the Description section:
<img src='
style='float:left; padding: 5px;' alt='PRODUCT NAME' />
This adds the image, and allows text to wrap around it (but leaving some space) so it
looks nice on the page, the end result is shown below:
Don't forget to select the correct input format! Otherwise Drupal will
remove our HTML code when we create the product!
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