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Third-party Image Module
Third-party Image Module
The Image module is one that we must download and install into our Drupal
installation; it can be downloaded from the Drupal website:
project/image .
Once we have downloaded the Image module package, decompressed the files, and
uploaded it to our installation we need to enable the related modules within the
package, including:
Image Attach
We don't need the other sub-modules at this time, so let's enable these two for now.
Now that we have it installed, let's have a look at the module and how it works.
Within Site configuration there are two new sections, Image and Image attach . We
are only concerned with the Image section. It has the following settings:
The default path where the images are stored
The maximum file size of images uploaded
The sizes of the image, preview image, and thumbnail
For now, we shall leave these values as they are and upload an image.
Embed Image into Description
To upload the image, we need to go into Create content and select Image .
The Submit Image page asks for the following information:
Title (required)
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