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As a Product
Image (required)
Description or body
We can also change settings for things like comments, menus, and author
information and set the image to be a product (we will try that next). Once we have
uploaded an image and entered the name of the image we are taken to the page
containing the image. From here we can swap between Original view, Preview ,
and Thumbnail .
The best way to embed an uploaded image is to right-click on the thumbnail
picture and copy the URL of the web address, and then do the same for the preview
image. We can then add the HTML for the image and link it to the larger version of
the image.
For the image I have just uploaded, the thumbnail link is: http://www.dougsdinos.
com/drupal-5.7/files/images/1847191118.thumbnail.jpg and the preview link
is: .
We can now create the HTML link for this and add it to the product page.
<a href='
<img src='
As a Product
The embedded option is not very practical because it involves looking up the
image locations and creating the HTML code for the product. If we are creating a
new product, we could create the image first, and then turn the image content into
a product. To do this, we go through the process of creating the image as we did
before, but we expand the product options and select a product type for the image.
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