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We select the product type, click Add to store , and then we can continue editing the
product, using the Title and Body fields for the product name and description.
This method creates a neater product entry with the image already there for us,
which is much neater and cleaner than the other methods.
The CCK module and other image modules mentioned earlier also
provide the same effect; you can try them out!
Many online stores offer discounts to customers by one means or another; we can use
the following methods to offer our customers discounts when shopping at the store:
Discounts based on the customer's role
Coupons or gift certificates
Discounts when customers purchase a certain number of items
The first two are built-in options, which just need to be enabled; the final option
requires us to install a new module into our store.
Let's first enable the module in the same way we have enabled all of the other
modules; the module is called Role Discount .
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