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With coupons, customers can purchase a gift certificate which entitles them to money
off a future purchase.
To use the feature, we of course have to install the module; it is already built into
the e-Commerce module, so we just need to check the box to enable it in the
Modules page.
Once it is installed we have a new product type, which is Gift Certificate . Let's create
one and see how it works.
The options available are the same as with the other products; we can enter a name,
a description, a price, as well as other options relating to the other modules we have
installed such as the Role assignments or the User account provision . The difference
with how this module works is that if we set the price to $0.00, then the customer can
choose the amount for the voucher.
Doug wants customers to be able to choose their own value of gift certificate so let's
create a gift certificate with no value and then see it in action. We see the name and
description and we see the Amount is a changeable textbox, where we can enter the
amount we wish.
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