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Bulk Purchases
Bulk Purchases
The Quantity Discount module is a third-party add on, which can be downloaded
from ; let's download and install
the module before setting it up.
Once it is installed we have a new option under E-Commerce configuration called
Quantity discount , within this we can define up to 15 discount rules, each containing
up to six conditions for discount. For each discount rule we can set:
A name for the discount
Up to six conditions, each consisting of:
Minimum order quantity.
Operator (either percentage or fixed price reduction)—This
defines how the adjustment should be applied.
Adjustment—This is the value of either the percentage or
fixed discount.
Since Doug has already introduced a number of other offers and discount initiatives,
he does not want to use a quantity discount on his store; however, it is worth
keeping this option in case he changes his mind.
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